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Cheering on spring

Like many people, I’m done with winter. Spring is just a little bit over a month away and we’re starting to get warm days sprinkled in with the cold, but it still looks like winter outside. To cheer myself up I went looking through my photos to find something that would remind me of the warm days and the pretty colors to come.


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I finished my thousand mile scarf.

It’s just plain old garter stitch, knit in Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed. I started it this summer when faced with a car ride from Kentucky to Florida. I can’t read or do anything else that requires visual concentration while riding in a car, but I can knit garter stitch. I’m slightly amused that my solution to boredom was something that would bore others to tears under normal circumstances.

Little fact: This was my first garter stitch scarf.  I skipped the regulatory garter stitch scarf when I learned to knit.

I’ve also been working on my oldest WIP.

I’m about halfway done with my clapotis at this point and I should finish sometime this month. I’m excited about finally finishing it, and I’m hoping the snow is all gone so that I can photograph it somewhere other than my roommates lazyboy chair!

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Handsome Kitty

Today I could use a little extra cuteness in my life and these pictures never fail to provide it for me.  I thought someone else might be able to use a little extra as well!

It is snowy and cold here this evening which to me is the perfect time to snuggle up in a blanket and get some good knitting done.   I’m off to do that now!  I’ll share what I’m working on a little later this week.

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