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I started Citron over the holidays while visiting my parents.   I really shouldn’t have started anything new, but I couldn’t help myself.


The first part of this shawl went very quickly, but progress has slowed down as each section has grown.  Now that malabrigo march is here I’ve decided it is time to muscle through and get it done.  I want a chance to wear it before it gets too warm!


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Coming around again

It has been over a year since I last posted.  The truth is that in the last year I didn’t do much knitting.  There was just so much else going on, that often all I managed was a round or two on a sock.  Life has settled down, and I’m now back to knitting.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I picked my needles back up.  I missed it a lot.  Life is so much better with yarn in hand.

What was I so busy doing?  I’ll give you a quick recap.

Bought a house


It was, and still is in need of a lot of work.  Despite all it’s flaws, it is a wonderful little house full of potential.  Most of our work so far has been functional, but we’re finally to a point where we can start focusing more on cosmetics.  I’m looking forward to getting some fresh paint on these walls!

Got Married

the vows

The wedding was a ton of fun.  It is such a joy to have all your loved ones gathered around celebrating with you.

Adopted a Puppy


Her name is Daisy.  She is a lover, a goofball, and adorable as can be!  And she’ll eat your knitting if you let her.  Don’t let her near your knitting.

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