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Mirror mirror on the wall

who is the fairest mitten of them all?

Pattern: Magic Mirror by Kristel Nyberg
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns, Classic One Fifty
Needle: US 3, dpns
Difficulty level: easy-medium
Things I learned: To trust my instinct, and how to fix a cable twist by dropping the cable stitches down and reworking them back up.

When my mom called me and suggested that she would like a pair of mittens for Christmas I instantly decided that she needed cabled mittens.  This pattern was exactly what I had in mind.  It is a gorgeous and well written.  The only issue I came across was that there is a mistake in the chart key.  Both the designer and Knotions are aware of the mistake, but unfortunately as of now Knotions still hasn’t corrected the mistake on their website.

On top of loving the pattern, I love the yarn I used.  It was so very soft and the stitch deffinition really lent its self well to the cables.  All in all I’m extremly pleased with this project and would rank it as one of my favorites.  Visually the pattern was just what I wanted, the actual knitting was fun, and the yarn was a joy to work with.  It can’t get much better than that in the knitting world.


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