I started Citron over the holidays while visiting my parents.   I really shouldn’t have started anything new, but I couldn’t help myself.


The first part of this shawl went very quickly, but progress has slowed down as each section has grown.  Now that malabrigo march is here I’ve decided it is time to muscle through and get it done.  I want a chance to wear it before it gets too warm!


It has been over a year since I last posted.  The truth is that in the last year I didn’t do much knitting.  There was just so much else going on, that often all I managed was a round or two on a sock.  Life has settled down, and I’m now back to knitting.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I picked my needles back up.  I missed it a lot.  Life is so much better with yarn in hand.

What was I so busy doing?  I’ll give you a quick recap.

Bought a house


It was, and still is in need of a lot of work.  Despite all it’s flaws, it is a wonderful little house full of potential.  Most of our work so far has been functional, but we’re finally to a point where we can start focusing more on cosmetics.  I’m looking forward to getting some fresh paint on these walls!

Got Married

the vows

The wedding was a ton of fun.  It is such a joy to have all your loved ones gathered around celebrating with you.

Adopted a Puppy


Her name is Daisy.  She is a lover, a goofball, and adorable as can be!  And she’ll eat your knitting if you let her.  Don’t let her near your knitting.

Cheering on spring

Like many people, I’m done with winter. Spring is just a little bit over a month away and we’re starting to get warm days sprinkled in with the cold, but it still looks like winter outside. To cheer myself up I went looking through my photos to find something that would remind me of the warm days and the pretty colors to come.

I finished my thousand mile scarf.

It’s just plain old garter stitch, knit in Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed. I started it this summer when faced with a car ride from Kentucky to Florida. I can’t read or do anything else that requires visual concentration while riding in a car, but I can knit garter stitch. I’m slightly amused that my solution to boredom was something that would bore others to tears under normal circumstances.

Little fact: This was my first garter stitch scarf.  I skipped the regulatory garter stitch scarf when I learned to knit.

I’ve also been working on my oldest WIP.

I’m about halfway done with my clapotis at this point and I should finish sometime this month. I’m excited about finally finishing it, and I’m hoping the snow is all gone so that I can photograph it somewhere other than my roommates lazyboy chair!

Handsome Kitty

Today I could use a little extra cuteness in my life and these pictures never fail to provide it for me.  I thought someone else might be able to use a little extra as well!

It is snowy and cold here this evening which to me is the perfect time to snuggle up in a blanket and get some good knitting done.   I’m off to do that now!  I’ll share what I’m working on a little later this week.

Pattern: Dumpling Bag from Interweave Knits, Fall 2008
Yarn: Patons SWS, 2 balls.
Needle: US 13 circular and dpns
Difficulty level: easy

I started this bag back in the fall fairly soon after getting my issue of interweave in the mail. I was in the mood for starting something new, this bag looked super cute, and I had yarn for it in my stash! I had to put it away after my first night working on it because no local stores had size 13 dpns. I finally got back to it the other night and finished it. This was my first time felting and I found the whole process pretty exciting!  My roommates who were unaware of wool’s ability to felt were fairly certain I worked some sort of weird knitting magic.

The bag turned out to be a fun quick knit which was the perfect introduction to felting. I’m not as happy as I thought I would be with the finished result but I honestly can’t tell you what I’m unhappy about. If I was to make it again I think I’d adjust the handles a little bit and maybe try a different embroidery pattern on it. I saw bags that had been embroidered with embroidery floss after felting and I really enjoy that look.

Please ignore my discontent because the bag IS cute as is.  And best of all this bag strikes Interweave 2008 off my book list!